Rye House Karting London – Cadet Club

The Who, What’s and Why’s of RHKL Cadet Club.

Rye House started a Cadet Club over ten years ago. The idea was to give children that weren’t old enough to attend open practice (due to age) a regular session on the main track that was safe.

2017 saw a massive increase in youngster starting out and therefore RHKL was born! With more marshals, help & advice and instructors helping your little ones on and off the track. Our aim is to bring Cadet Club to the next level and maybe we’ll find that next Lewis Hamilton!?!?

When are the RHKL Cadet Clubs held?

These are usually run twice a week, on a Wednesday evening and Saturday Morning. Check the Rye House testing calendar, sign up to the RHKL Mailing List, check our Facebook Page or download the Rye House App to keep up to date with the next session!


Bambinos can join RHKL Cadet Club sessions from the ages of FIVE. Honda Cadets usually run from the age of SEVEN. Cadet Club drivers can run up to the age of 11. If you’re unsure about anything, just ask! We’re here to help you as parents get the most out of your drivers!


So you’re ready to come testing… AWESOME!!! But you need to have the correct equipment before you go out on track!

The Kart 

Firstly, you must have your own kart. It needs to be in a safe condition and track worthy! If you’re not sure then please, please, please ask. We’ll gladly go over it. We will NOT allow any kart out that’s isn’t deemed safe. This is for your child’s benefit, as well as everyone else on track!!!

The Engine 

Bambino class can only run either a Comer C50 or Bambino Iame engine. Cadets can run a Honda GX160, Comer or IAME engine.

Crash Helmet 

One of the most important parts. This MUST be a full faced crash helmet. Remember, when buying your child a crash helmet, remember… they only have one head!!!. Take your time deciding, make sure it fits properly. Once you’ve decided, then pick the colour they want!!!

Neck Brace 

Once you have decided on a helmet make sure you get a good neckbrace. These come in different shapes and sizes so make sure you take your shiney, new crash helmet with you to ensure a good fit once the helmets on!

Race Suit 

Make sure its a good, strong suit! This is the only thing protecting your child from the the elements, as well as their surroundings!!!

Rib Protector 

another important part of safety equipment. Remember, when purchasing the racesuit, make sure there’s enough ‘give’ in it to ensure a rib protector can be worn comfortably.


last part!!! These will protect your children’s hands from the elements and surroundings. Make sure they are good quality!!!

What else you need to do before your session.

Decide which day you’re coming and CHECK THE WEATHER. Be prepared for rain…this is England after all. If you’re running a Cadet chassis (Bambinos run an all weather tyre), then make sure you have a set of wets (Dunlop KT3’s are the choice). Make sure you have some tools, ideally a set of spanners, sockets and allen keys, they will defiantly help as you WILL need them at some point! Make sure you have a decent fuel can, which is FULL!!! Last thing, get a high vis vest, you ARE allowed on track to help your children on the corners of Rye House if you are wearing one!

It’s time to go racing!!!

So turn up at the Owner Driver window at Rye House Main Reception, read the disclaimer/certificate, sign on the dotted line and pay the session fees… it’s a very affordable £25. Don’t forget your signing on sticker, this needs to be attached to the front of your childs kart!!

Drive around to the opposite side of the track, where the owner driver pits are. Ensure your kart is up and running before the start time. If you get any issues we’ll be glad to help just give us a yell!

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